Maccabi NL presents: The Airlift Initiative

Maccabi Netherlands has launched an urgently needed professional project and is sending large quantities of essential goods to Israel

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This is not the time to stand by. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION.

Our approach is direct and efficient: We buy the goods directly from manufacturers and wholesalers and, after a thorough quality check, send them to Israel immediately. No time wasted, no unnecessary costs.

Why this urgent request?

We’re not asking for pity or your stuff. We ask for action. Your contribution is essential to finance and quickly ship the goods, which are now waiting in factories. Every second counts.

The situation does not wait. And that is why your direct financial contribution is crucial now.

Show that Israel is not alone in this fight. Show that the Netherlands is committed to peace, hope and humanity.

Make a donation now, your donation really makes a difference. We make the difference together.

Maccabi Nederland (Anbi status)
Rekeningnummer: NL78 ABNA 0247925918
O.v.v. “Luchtbrug Initiatief 2023”